Operating Sustainably

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Operating Sustainably

Over the past seven years Ingenia has materially changed the focus of the Group’s investment and as a result the scale and nature of the communities the Group owns, manages and develops.

These changes and the diversity of communities the Group owns create challenges for identifying a baseline for reporting and determining appropriate reduction targets across key environmental metrics. These changes have also resulted in increased scale and the ability to consolidate suppliers and generate a more significant impact as we operate more efficiently.

We remain committed to establishing appropriate measurements and setting long-term goals for reductions in energy use, water use and waste recycling. These targets are expected to generate a financial benefit for Ingenia Communities and residents across our Lifestyle and Gardens communities while also reducing our environmental footprint.

Our focus includes impacts within our direct control (community facilities and infrastructure across all communities and holiday park accommodation) and those we can influence (resident and guest usage within homes and holiday accommodation).

To date we have progressed initiatives including:

  • Consolidating suppliers across key areas of energy, waste and water in order to understand more fully our total consumption, identify opportunities to reduce impact and prepare for more transparent and consistent reporting.
  • Installation of Solar – In FY20 the operations team identified the potential to reduce energy consumption across the current portfolio of 50 communities through an investment of $2.5 million in solar. To date, $1.3 million has been invested across 27 communities, which is expected to save over $300,000 per annum.
  • Smart remotes in holiday accommodation – circa 1,000 smart remotes were installed in holiday cabins across 22 holiday parks. These remotes automatically prevent air conditioning being run at uneconomic hot or cold levels through pre-set minimum and maximum temperatures, thereby improving efficiency.
  • To reduce waste in our holiday parks we trialed more visible recycling at Ingenia Holidays One Mile Beach – the Ingreenia recycling program seeks to engage guests to maximise recycling and reduce wasteThe program originated with the Future Leaders program and in trials lead to an increase in recycling and was well received by guests.

Next steps:

  • Continue solar rollout – there are plans for a further 1,191kWs of solar across 23 communities with an investment of $1.2 million and overall savings of $230,000 per annum.
  • Commence rollout of Ingreenia recycling across additional holiday parks.
  • Install LED lighting across the Group’s holiday parks.
  • Continue ‘waterwise’ program in holiday parks to reduce water use through guest education and the replacement of older items (eg cisterns, taps, shower heads) with more water efficient items through the ongoing upgrade and refurbishment of guest and communal facilities.