Modern Slavery

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Modern Slavery

Ingenia seek to do business with ethically and socially responsible suppliers and to partner with them in a way that is consistent with the Group’s values, purpose and strategy.

Recognising the diverse nature of the business and the regional location of our residential communities, we proactively seek to engage and support local businesses and we do so in a way that prevents the risks associated with modern slavery and other abuses of human rights in our operations and supply chain.

As a property and financial services organisation based solely in Australia and having strong corporate, ethical and engagement practices in place, we consider the risk of modern slavery within our direct business operations to be low. However, throughout our supply chain, we can be indirectly exposed to the risk of modern slavery by the supply of goods and services procured from third parties.

Our suppliers include all organisations from which we procure goods and services in the operation and development of our residential communities and in our corporate business activities. Our supplier relationships are guided by the Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct. Our Modern Slavery Statement includes further information on our approach to supply chain management and supplier engagement.

For further information, refer to the Sustainability Report.