Our Stakeholders

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Our Stakeholders

At its very heart Ingenia Communities’ purpose and strategy have a positive social impact.

Our purpose, ‘to create community’, and strategy – to provide high quality, affordable community living options for Australian seniors – align to benefit our customers and the communities in which we operate. It is only through meeting our customers’ needs that we can deliver sustainable returns.

    In interacting with our stakeholders, engaging with our teams, and operating in the wider community we are guided by our values of integrity, respect, community and improvement.

    Our business touches thousands of people each and every day as our teams engage with residents in our communities and guests in our holiday parks.

    Our current focus includes:

    • Continuing to improve our customer satisfaction, supporting our residents to live healthier, happier lives in our communities
    • Developing our people and fostering a high performance, diverse and inclusive culture
    • Ensuring that our operations and development activities deliver environmental, social and economic benefits to our local communities
    • Investing in our communities through local volunteering and support, and through our Group-wide initiative, Ingenia Aspire
    • Engaging to influence and support positive industry change through effective partnerships and contribution to industry bodies.