Our People

Ingenia Communities Group is one of the largest owners, operators and developers of quality land lease communities and holiday parks.

Our People

At Ingenia we are committed to creating a high-performance, diverse and inclusive work environment. One where people can bring their ‘whole self’ to work and feel safe, empowered and motivated to be the best they can be.

Our core values reflect what is important to our business. We demonstrate them in our daily interactions with everyone we engage with.

We embrace and value all employee differences including gender, age, culture, disability and lifestyle choices and support each of our employees to achieve their potential and their career goals.

Our people provide a competitive advantage for our business, with a high level of sector knowledge and expertise that is critical to our overall business performance.

We work to maintain a performance oriented and inclusive culture; to attract, develop and retain talented people; and to drive a high level of employee engagement and success.

Employee engagement and recognition

We know that the well-being and engagement of our team is essential to delivering community for our residents and guests and ensuring the ongoing growth and success of the business.

Regular employee engagement surveys serve as an indicator of the level of engagement of our team and provide insights and feedback on a range of topics. Insights from the survey are shared with the whole business (and the Board) and are utilised by management to identify areas of improvement and future needs.

The Group-wide survey undertaken in FY21 provided the following insights:

  • Job satisfaction (increased over 4% to 80%)
  • Purpose and culture (increased 6% to 77%)
  • Alignment with the company’s vision and values (steady at 74%).

Employee Support During COVID-19

During a time of unprecedented market turbulence and challenges faced by businesses globally, Ingenia was able to adjust its existing procedures to ensure all staff were supported to continue carrying out their daily tasks during this difficult time.

Ingenia’s approach to flexible work practices was essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing our office-based teams to efficiently move to a work from home model supported by increased use of in place technology.

The Wellbeing Centre is a portal via our online communication platform for many resources that incorporate mind, body and diet available to access anytime, on any device. We provide means to our staff to take care of themselves.


We recognise the competing demands that are often placed on employees outside work and seek to provide appropriate options to achieve work-life balance. Over 50% of our employees participate in formal or informal flexible work practices either regularly or on an ad hoc basis.

Developing our people

Rapid business growth has created significant opportunity for staff development. We believe that investing in the development of our people will benefit the business as well as motivate individual employees to achieve their own career objectives while delivering sustainable results.

Our development, talent and succession planning processes seek to ensure that we maximise learning and progression for our people and continue to attract and retain individuals aligned with our vision and values. These processes include:

  • A defined performance management process that sets clear and measurable goals for individual employees which are aligned with the Group’s strategy and values
  • Regular performance reviews which consider alignment with Ingenia’s culture and values and are tied to performance rewards
  • Development planning as part of the goal setting and performance review process
  • Customer service training for all levels of the business to create a consistent customer experience
  • Foundation leadership training available to all line management. From 2018 to 2021 more than 75 participants completed the program
  • Future leaders program, which provides conceptual and practical training aimed at developing high potential future leaders. The one-year program provides externally run training and exposure to Ingenia Communities Group Directors and Senior Executives. From 2019 to 2021 a total of 30 people participated in the program
  • Participating in industry mentoring and networking programs for key employees. This includes the Property Council of Australia Women in Property Mentoring program since 2019
  • Role-specific training across all departments (for instance, food safety, software training, and professional development for various occupations).

Promoting Diversity

We promote an inclusive workplace where all employees are valued and respected regardless of their gender, race, religion, gender identity or beliefs. Our commitment to diversity extends to all aspects of employment, from recruitment to development, promotion and remuneration.

We embrace and value all employee differences including gender, age, culture, disability and lifestyle choices and support each of our employees to achieve their potential and their career goals.

We have a Diversity Policy in place which sets gender targets (30% of each gender) at the Board and Senior Management  level to ensure an appropriate gender balance is maintained within the Group. In FY21, we were above our targets.

Moreover, Ingenia was ranked second by the Chief Executive Women Senior Executive Census 2021  for female representation in Executive Leadership Teams, with Ingenia female employees representing 60% in 2021. This was the second year that Ingenia ranked second in the Census.

Our commitment to diversity extends to all aspects of employment, from recruitment to development, promotion and remuneration. We are committed to improving diversity and in particular, the number of females in traditionally male dominated roles within the business such us our Development Business Unit and have an initiative in place to proactively recruit females in the Development Team.

For more information refer to our Sustainability report.

Health and Safety

In operating our communities and undertaking development the safety and health of our people, residents and guests is something we take very seriously. As we increase development across the Group safety is particularly important.

We aim to create and maintain safe and healthy environments, ensuring that the operations of the Group are conducted in a manner which safeguards the health and wellbeing of our teams, residents, guests, contractors and other visitors to our communities. Relevant staff have KPIs which are related to health and safety, reinforcing the importance of our health and safety framework.

Our dedicated Health, Safety and Environment Team is responsible for:

  • Providing support and training to on the ground teams
  • Identifying and mitigating health and safety risks
  • Providing resources and processes to address risks to health and safety
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation
  • Ensuring contractors who have operational control of development activity hold appropriate accreditation standards for safety, environment and quality and are appropriately inducted on work practices required at our sites
  • Responding to any issues in a timely manner and reporting to management and the Audit and Risk Committee.

For further information, refer to the Sustainability Report.