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Environmental Policy

In FY23, we refined our approach to environmental concerns, with the development of the Group’s first Environmental Policy. This policy enhances our commitment to protecting the environment and reducing any damage or impact of our operations and activities, a commitment which is aligned to our vision, “To create Australia’s best lifestyle and holiday communities”.

The Environmental Policy defines our position and supports continual improvement throughout our business operations, to reduce our impacts on the natural environment and, where possible to capitalise on opportunities to improve environmental outcomes. The policy applies to all Ingenia activities including acquisition, design, construction, operations, disposal, supporting business activities and operation of our own office spaces. Further, we are committed to partnering and supporting similar objectives within our value chain, including with Government, independent industry organisations, suppliers and contractors, customers, and our community members that live in and engage with our assets.

The following outlines our key business areas and approach in FY23.

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