Human Rights

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Approach to Human Rights

At Ingenia, we consider the protection and promotion of human rights to be a fundamental aspect of our sustainability approach. Our approach to human rights is rooted in proactive prevention, as we actively identify, assess, and mitigate potential human rights risks throughout our portfolio. Our commitment extends to upholding ethical sourcing practices, ensuring fair treatment of employees, engaging with local communities, and encouraging diversity and inclusion.

Modern Slavery

Recognising the diverse nature of the business and the regional location of our residential communities, we proactively seek to engage and support local businesses and we endeavor to prevent the risks associated with modern slavery and other abuses of human rights in our operations and supply chain. While our direct business operations in Australia maintain a low risk of modern slavery, we acknowledge potential indirect exposure through third-party suppliers. Our supplier relationships are guided by the Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct, released in June 2021. It outlines the Group’s principles and clearly communicates the behaviour and business practices we expect our suppliers to adhere to. These practices include meeting social and environmental standards as well as satisfying governance and compliance obligations.

Our Modern Slavery Statements are the result of a comprehensive risk and opportunity assessment of our supply chain, categorising suppliers based on their contribution, significance, and potential risks, including economic, modern slavery, and sustainability considerations. This assessment is instrumental in identifying focus areas for addressing modern slavery risks and guiding the Group’s response.

FY23 Modern Slavery Statement 
FY22 Modern Slavery Statement
FY21 Modern Slavery Statement